Samstag, 29. September 2012

Calendar 2013

design Jana Fak/Mala*

New Mala's Calendar 2013 is out. With lovely new illustration. They are positive and colorful, very playful and funny. So if you have a bad day, they would absolutely cheer you up. So don't hesitate and order this lovely Calnedar 2013 for you, your Children or some of your friends at or With love...Mala*

Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Walking on the Rain*

illustration by  Jana Fak

Autumn is there...and so are new Children's illustrations. This time i've draw it on my Computer. Put a lot of "happy"colors as usual and played with the background. They are telling they own story and of course you need to put some of your imagination in it. They are printed on lovely canvas and are available at or Ready for traveling in fantastic Mala's illustrated world? Have Fun!

Dienstag, 13. März 2012

CAROVNICKA TONKA in njen mackon*

design by Jana Fak/Mala*....lyrics by Maja Furman

New Children's book is coming out soon. It's about little Wicca Tonka and her black Cat. Lyrics by wonderful Maja Furman. Illustrations by me Mala*of course;)). At the moment the book is only in slowenian language...but we hope soon also in english and german. For all informations contact We would be happy for any kind of support or comment. Love Mala & Maja*.

Your Highness!!!

 design by  Jana Fak/Mala*

One for a Boy* for a Girl*...if you can not decide...then take both. Available at any size...also
as a WallPainting (with some little changes)...Write at

Zodiac* illustration

design by ♥ Jana Fak/Mala*

Lovely Zodiac Illustration for Children or Adults. Soon more of them. All available at or Have fun!!! ;)